Latest Issue - Contents

  • ROAD TRIPPING — Jonathan Jones explores the Queensland coast
  • MAINLAND TROUT REVIVAL — Joshua Hutchins revisits some forgotten trout streams
  • FACING DOWNSTREAM — Bob Wyatt gets into the downstream fly swing
  • INTERCEPTION LESSONS — Craig Rist benefits from encounters with tarpon in Florida
  • MAYFLY MAGIC — Derek Grzelewski & George Novak focus on NZ hatches
  • IN PRAISE OF SARATOGA — Peter Morse seeks out tropical billabong delights
  • TALKING TROUT — David Anderson reports on wild trout initiatives in Victoria
  • ONE PERCENTERS — Brad Harris suggests little ways to improve catch rates
  • RESTORING AN OLD GEM — John Barick rebuilds a favourite fly rod
  • TACKLING TUSKIES — Geoff Volter nominates his ultimate flats species
  • LAKE OTAMANGAKAU — Piero Bertocchi extends his stillwater education
  • WATSON’S FANCY — Jiggling Damsel nymph — Peter Watson
  • FIRST CASTS — Bear's progress... — Jonathon Clewlow 
  • ON THE BEACH — GT Brush fly — Chris Beech
  • LATEST & GREATEST — Steven Dally
  • REVIEWS & NEW PRODUCTS — Reviews of Back Country North Island DVD and Patagonia stormfront pack, plus new products from Fulling Mill, Waterworks Lamson, Scientific Anglers, Nautilus and Simms
  • POSTCARD — Arctic Char — Rasmus Ovesen
  • SHORT CASTS — Terry Downey, Glenn Buttress-Grove, Jonathan Cant, Mick Fletoridis, Shane Bretz